Pershore Swimming Club has been in existence since 1972 and in 2012 was pleased to be celebrating its 40th birthday.

Whilst many of the current membership have joined the club after progressing through the "Learn to Swim" classes held at the Pershore Leisure Centre, membership is open to anyone who is keen to develop their swimming skills, has an interest in competitive swimming and can demonstrate that they have attained the necessary standard to join the club.

Pershore Swimming Club is a competitive club and offers a well-structured training programme to support swimmers' entry into all levels of competition from Open Meets for individuals, team competitions in leagues through to County, Midland District and National Championships.

If you are interested in membership of Pershore Swimming Club please register your interest by completing our 'Register For Trial' form which can be found from the 'Registration Forms' menu above

Pershore Swimming Club is pleased to be able to say it is:

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