Pershore swimmers save club.

Thirty members and a few friends from their neighbouring club of Evesham S.C. completed an hour long sponsored swim at Pershore Leisure Centre in a bid to save their club from going under following recent depletion in numbers.

Those present managed to raise £2,000 with many swimmers completing the mile being 66 lengths, the greatest numbers being achieved by fourteen year old Tom Nicholls finishing with 146 lengths (£100), Ben Carr 142 (£58), Amy Surman 130, Frances Turner 126, with James Gribble and Severin Naraine on 122. Many of the numbers were made up from the nine, ten and eleven year old.

One of the young swimmers was eight year old Tazmin Pugh who alone raised £450 the greatest individual amount, swimming her way to completing 104 lengths in the one hour. Also only aged 9 Joseph Doyle completed 96, Laura Snape 92 (£98), with Ella Spencer and Jack Betteridge raising over £100 each and together with Alison Seward on 90 lengths each when the whistle blew. Also completing the mile distance of 66 lengths was Heather Turner, Indi Creed-Miles (£67), Katie Sharratt, Tidiahn Woodward (£151), Alex Dobell, Adam Palin, and brothers Michael and Angus Evans.

"It was a fine achievement for any swimmer but for some of our youngsters to have done this, with some before having even swum in their first competition bodes well for the future" were the sentiments of Club Chairman Mr Nick Turner who also took part in the swimathon completing 130 lengths himself (£140). Mr Turner continued "What all the swimmers contributed to saving the club cannot be underestimated and I'm sure Pershore Swimming Club can build on this and become ever stronger in the years to come".

The club would like to thank all the relations and friends of the swimmers including many of the town's businesses some of whom had helped build the first pool and set up the club some 38 years earlier in 1972, including help and donations given by the Leisure Centre and its staff.


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